Kinderkirk Preschool                           
and Childcare                                        719-547-3298​

Meet The Team
  1. Natalie Sparks
    Center Director
  2. Randy Schade
    Director of Educational Ministries
  3. Jeannie Rubio
    Office Manager
  4. Kim Wekwert
    Infant Bumblebee Teacher
  1. Jessie Phillips
    Toddler 1 Monster Teacher
  2. Ashlee DeAnda
    Toddler 1 Monster Teacher
  1. Denise Oreskovich
    Toddler 2 Frog Teacher
  2. Maria Tenten
    Toddler 2 Frog Teacher
  3. Chandler Crockett
    Main Building Floater
  1. Amanda Clawson
    Monkey Class Teacher
  2. Carmen Fleenor
    Monkey Class Teacher
  3. Stephanie Coffee
    Preschool Owl Teacher
  4. Tricia Trujillo
    Preschool Hedgehog Teacher
  1. Ashley Sparks
    After School Coordinator
  2. Htoo Paw
    Pre-K Superhero Teacher
  1. Brittany Maroni
    Pre-K Dolphin Teacher
  2. Shaley Roland
    Pre-K Teacher Assistant
  1. Julia Martinez
    Kitchen Staff
  2. Crystal Besse
    Kitchen Staff
  1. Keith Bulander
  2. Tom Eden